Covivitas Library

To learn more about us, feel free to explore the Covivitas Library.

To learn more about us, feel free to explore the Covivitas Library. Here, you will have access to download any of our materials such as:

  • Sample Reports
  • Presentations
  • Proof of Eligibility Samples
  • Solution Guides


Next Steps With The eChecker™– This short, informative guide will help you through The eChecker™ installation process and includes notes on HIPAA compliance, field selection and report customization. A must see for anyone interested in The eChecker™!

The Covivitas eChecker User Guide – This comprehensive guide describes how the eChecker works, how it can be integrated with your current patient flow and what results your clinic will receive.

Sample Excel Report– The eChecker™ results can be sent to your clinic in any format you like! Most of our clients request an Excel spreadsheet with fields customized to fit their practice needs. This sample report gives a good overview of the depth of information your clinic can receive from The Covivitas eChecker™.

Sample Retroactive Report– One of the great strengths of The eChecker™ is that it can check thousands of records going back one year based on date of service. These retroactively eligible patients can be hard to manage without a tool like The Covivitas eChecker™. This sample report will show you how The eChecker can help.

Sample MediCal Proof Of Eligibility Files– How nice would it be to come to the office on the first of the month and have all of your MediCal Proof of Eligibility print outs waiting for you along with your eligibility reports! These samples show how The Covivitas eChecker™ can enhance the Proof of Eligibility response. It adds an informational footer, creates a place holder for records that could not be run and sorts, joins and distributes the files for easy printing in the office. One more task made easier by The eChecker™!

Covivitas Overview Presentation– Would you like to learn more about Covivitas and The eChecker™? This short presentation will give you and your staff a thorough overview of our company and our solutions. Feel free to share it with your organization – and if you would like more information, connect with us at [email protected] to schedule an on-line presentation.

The Covivitas eChecker™ Flyer– A quick one sheet summary of The eChecker™.