Covivitas Grows With Welligent Partnership

Welligent and Covivitas started their exclusive partnership in June, 2016. The two companies currently share 10 clients in California and are adding more each day! The Covivitas eChecker fully integrates with Welligent’s software, so processing is seamless for the client. MediCal PDF Proof of Eligibility files can also be provided by Covivitas. Here’s what Welligent has to say about the benefits of partnering with Covivitas:

“Streamline and automate your organization’s Medi-Cal eligibility checking with Welligent’s integration with Covivitas. This third party service enables your billing department to recover and maximize claim revenue through a fully automated process. Covivitas eliminates the need to manually log into the Medi-Cal website and no 99 record limit for 270/271 EDI transactions! Check client eligibility for any day of the month and retroactively check up to one year’s worth of claim eligibility– 365 days back. Client eligibility data is automatically loaded into the Welligent EHR. Experience major time savings with eligibility results that arrive within 24 hours at an affordable monthly cost.”

“This partnership has been a great experience for Covivitas,” says Covivitas Founder Michael DePaolo. “We’re always interested in integrating our processing with practice management software. Welligent has been a good fit for our services in Behavioral Health. The processing is seamless and worry free for the client – and becomes a fully unified component with the client’s Welligent system immediately.”

“Our friends at Welligent have turned out to be great business partners for Covivitas – and that’s because they’re great people. It’s been a pleasure working with them and we’re looking forward to The eChecker helping more clinics as we grow with Welligent.”

To learn more about Welligent, visit their website at